"Nothing is ever achieved without passion" and the Altimate™ Sleep Mask, is proof of that enduring belief.

Our Story

Intrigued by the challenge of improving human perseverance and performance at high altitude, we at Trudell Medical International assembled a team inspired by the 'lean startup' model to explore—and ultimately solve—a problem faced by many high-altitude adventurers: poor quality, disturbed sleep. Our team’s original focus was on exploring ways to address the effects of Acute Mountain Sickness; however, early engagement with the high-altitude adventurer community showed that sleep disruption was viewed as an even more critical problem. Pivoting our focus to finding a natural way to optimize sleep at altitude, we put our heads, hearts, and nearly 40 years of respiratory health experience to the task. Working with high-altitude medicine researchers and guided by the insight of seasoned adventurers, our team found the solution using human physiology, supported by some beautiful design engineering.

At Trudell Medical International, we work with patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers to help people all over the world to breathe better and live fuller lives. As a leader in medical research and development with a focus on devices that address respiratory ailments, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to put forth a new and elegant solution to the problem of high-altitude sleep disturbance.


The Leap20 team at Trudell Medical has piloted the lean startup model within the structure of an established, international business with years of experience helping people all over the world to breathe better and live fuller lives. Altimate™ was conceived, engineered, and tested within a continuous feedback and improvement loop designed to bring user insights directly into the solution lab.

Leap20 is comprised of senior scientific engineering and marketing talent chosen from within Trudell to develop new products and new, iterative R&D processes that engage directly with the communities their technologies are designed to help.