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The Altimate™ Sleep Mask is a drug-free innovation crafted by science and perfected by the high altitude adventure community.

A lightweight, portable, and easy to use expedition essential, the Altimate™ Sleep Mask gives adventurers a natural edge, regulating breathing and minimizing periodic breathing at altitude.

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  1. Valves allow for easy inhalation
  2. Altimate™ mask creates mild resistance on exhalation
  3. Air becomes trapped in reservoir allowing for some C02 re-breathing
  • A drug-free solution that works to regulate sleep breathing patterns at high-altitude.
  • The Altimate™ high-altitude sleep mask provides mild exhalation resistance and CO2 rebreathing which, based on a recent unpublished pilot study, results in a reduction of periodic breathing.
  • Compact, portable, washable, and reusable.

Sleep better.

Venture higher.

Buy Altimate™ high-altitude sleep mask now